Procurelinc e-Procurement solution includes the e-Tendering and e-Auction (Reverse and Forward Auction services) with the different modules as mentioned below.

Modules of Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution


e-Auction (Reverse Auction & Forward Auction)

Department Management

Bidder Management

Inventory Management

Contract & Purchase Management

MIS & Reporting

RFX (RFP/RFQ) Management

One of the initial stages of procurement services is Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ). Procurement of goods and service by RFQ/RFP is limited for each and every department. Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution holds devoted section for these services, which are known as RFX Management (RFP and RFQ both). New Request of Proposal or Quotation in the system is created by department once it receives approval from department RFX which will later get published on contractor's portal. RFX should be review by any individual online, where registered (Registered in Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution) contractor can participate and submit his/her proposal online.

RFX Attractions

Ease in creating Request for Proposals or Quotations

United with Contractor Management Module where Department can easily manage the contractor.

Online Proposal or Quotation.

Computerized Comparison Sheet creation for selection of contractor.

No manual work and mistakes.

Contractor can search the RFX by RFQ/RFQ number, Date, Amount, Work type and Department Name.

Contractor can participate from anyplace.

Clear and Online workflow.

Contractor / Bidder Management

Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution registering all the bidders & their profiles in managed under bidder management. Bidder management registration is not easy before Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution. By this system you can easily handle bidders in their approval or rejection after successful registration; you can also suspend or blacklist him to participate in tender proceedings. However, it has been noticed that for every department it is quite time consuming process to manage bidders. With the use of this process department could easily manage registered bidder. Now user didn't going to spend much efforts in managing bidders.

Bidder Management Section Highpoints

Approval or rejection of bidders.

Suspension and blacklisting of bidder.

Receiving complete details online.

Suspended or blacklisted bidder didn?t allow to participate in department tenders.

Department Management

Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution is a process where you can manage your department and its users. Creation of multiple users and assigning them with different privileges to work. Customization of every need is possible in this e-Tendering process as per need of department. You can easily create Zone, Division and Sub-Division for your department. Creation of Designation of your department should be assigned to users like engineer, executive engineer or chief engineer. Area of work could also be created as per your requirement. You can customize Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution as much as you required for your e-Procurement need.

Department Management Module Highlights

Creation of Department User.

Assigning Privileges.

User Management (Add, Suspend).

Zone, Division & Sub-Division Creation.

Area of work should be added.

Department Designation.

Creation of Envelop Template as per need.


Many things get simplified by using an Electronic Tendering (e-Tendering) System, where certain steps and procedures involved. It facilitates all activities from the time of advertising to the time of placing the contract. During that time, physical documents are not used, rather electronic documents are implemented. The system only uses electronic documents, which offers our valued customers and clients the best solutions to any tendering process that they want to undertake. The system also uses a time-locking approach while handling multiple biddings which ensures that the solution is viable and valid. It is tamper-proof in order to ensure data integrity and securing the bidding process and payment options. Buyers deny the usage of a system which does not have a secure payment option. Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution as deals with the large amount of money so higher level of precautions should be taken to keep aside fraudsters and flaws should be removed. Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution_ has taken various detailed measure to avoid misfortune in making payments. The licensed or hosted mode can be acquired as your needs.

Reasons of using e-Tendering

The manual tendering requires several months? process for completion. It may take up to 3 months to complete. The process is not only wide and complex but it also costs buyers and suppliers.

This solution doesn?t require any kind of manual paper work. All the process involves the electronic documents by the system developed by Software Tailor. By using such documents time and money can be easily saved of involved parties. Most of the activities are available on the system there is no need to travel from one office to another. At the same time, management of all new tenders & comparison of the tenders by the buyer becomes easy as system stores all tenders at one place. Option for copying electronic documents and pasting it into spreadsheets is available, as it is easy to use and has various comparison tools. The evaluation tool is one amongst that tools which can automatically do the comparison.

Some of the processes that the Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution automates include preparing specifications for the tender, advertising, tender aggregation, and evaluation and placing the actual contract.

Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution can create any types of tenders, either 2 Envelop or 3 Envelop tenders and can choose also as percentage rate tender, lump sum rate tender, item rate tender, item wise selection tender and open tender.

e-Tendering Module Highlights

Based on PKI Digital Signature to insure the security and integrity of bid.

Followed by governments norms and standards.

Insure the Authenticity, Confidentiality and Security of every bid.

Cert-In Certified solution.

Only privileged users create tender.

Authorized user able to approve the tender using his/her DSC.

You can copy the tender from previously created tender.

Create tender from approved indents in one click.

Multi envelop opening support.

Easily customizable creation of Envelop Templates done as per your requirement .

All envelops encrypted by DSC.

Automatic Comparison Sheet generation.

Audit logs, User Login Logs and action tracking.

e-Mail reminder and Notification on every step of e-Tendering process.

Bidder/Contractor can Re-Bid or can change his/her bid till the bidding time.


Auctioning process involves buying and selling of services as well as of goods. That offers such goods and services in the process of bidding where bidder with highest bid enjoy the services or goods. The various meanings of an auction do revolve around the fact that the practice involves exchange based on some trading rules.

Kinds of Auction

Forward Auction

Reverse Auction

Forward Auction

This involves the buyer selling the item to a supplier. Bidders have to quote higher prices than the start price. Start price is the lowest possible price. The supplier with highest bid is the top rank bidder & the buyer can move ahead to offer a contract to supplier. Offering the contract depends on various factors such as lead time, capacity, quality, & value adding possibilities.

Reverse Auction

The second type of auction is the opposite of forward auction. In this buyers are the ones who purchase items from suppliers. The main determining factors in awarding a bid depend on the price. The buyer will award the contract to the supplier with the lowest bidding price. The contract awarding depends on specification & needs of the buyer such as value adding capabilities, capacity, quality & lead time.

Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution is a system with Live Auction Process, where single and multiple items can be auctioned. In this live auctioning process you can decide the time frame of bid process. Every bid will be display at department's dashboard for auction which is sorted by the highest bid on top.

In case if any change in bid is notified it will be known to Bidder also, where highest bid will come up and the bidder can see the changes in bid and he/she can make his/her bid right away.

e-Auction Highlights

Live Auction process showing real time bid changes to department and bidder.

PKI Digital Signature supported solution.

Single Item and Multi Items auction.

Auto Comparison Sheet of every item.

Time base bidding process.

Audit Logs and Login Logs with Action Tracing.