About Us

Procurelinc (Procurelinc) is now making one more step forward towards the Digital India and offering e-Procurement (e-Tendering & e-Auction) service. Procurelinc is the pioneer to provide customer centric digital solution including Telecom, Mobile, Internet, e-Governance Services, Data Center Services, ITMS and SaaS Services.

Procurelinc is offering e-Procurement Services on SaaS (Software As A Services) model to the Government/Semi-Government Department and Public Sector Unit (PSU).

Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution, is based on open source technology and it has best built-in security features

Based on Open Source Technology so no need to purchase any License to use.

Platform independent solution - Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Browser independent solution so user can use it on any modern browser.

PKI Digital Signature based Solution with data signing and encryption.

Can be integrated with other solution for ease of work.

Procurelinc e-Procurement solution includes the e-Tendering and e-Auction (Reverse and Forward Auction services) with the different modules as mentioned below.

Modules of Procurelinc e-Procurement Solution


e-Auction (Reverse Auction & Forward Auction)

Department Management

Bidder Management

Inventory Management

Contract & Purchase Management

MIS & Reporting